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Florida Man 
Sunny 103.7 Radio Interview 

Jamie was interviewed by Amanda Goodyear about her time on the hit Netflix series, Florida Man. Jamie went from being a crew member (Showrunners assistant) to acting in episode 5. 

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Press Reviews

Mamma Mia!- Toby's Dinner Theatre

“Jamie Pasquinelli as Ali and part of the ensemble deserves an extra shout out for her dance moves and enthusiasm.” - MD Theatre Guide

"Jamie Pasquinelli and Cassie Saunders are delightful as Sophie’s best pals, Ali and Lisa." - DC Theatre Scene


Into the Woods- The Heritage Players


"Some of the most humorous bits of this production come from Cinderella’s stepmother (Traci Denhardt), and the Stepsisters Florinda (Jamie Pasquinelli) and  Lucinda (Danyelle Spaar). This trio of actresses understand the importance of these characters but don’t take the roles so seriously that they’re not having fun. Pasquinelli and Spaar have a stupendous chemistry and play their characters to the hilt making for delightful performances." -Backstage Baltimore

Little by Little South Park Theatre 

"Jamie Pasquinelli, Stephanie Ottey and Ryan Kearney are our three little lovebirds and couldn’t be more likable. They’ve been given little to do by the writers yet manage to play at an amazing level of commitment." - Pittsburgh City Paper 

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