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Jamie Pasquinelli is a Southeast based actor, singer and dancer. She is originally from the black and gold city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

She recently has worked with Age of Learning on music lessons for their ABC Mouse platform. She also has worked with Wallaby Media on a JT Music music video and with Cisco Systems on a Webex commercial. She has worked at the Annapolis Shakespeare Company on their production of Oliver! and at Toby's Dinner theatre performing a Helen Hays nominated show of Mamma Mia playing Ali.


Jamie recently relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina from the Baltimore area where she will be working on film/ TV projects and continuing to train in the film industry at Actor's Arsenal. 

Jamie is a graduate of Seton Hill University with Bachelor of Art degrees in Musical Theatre and Communications. During her studies, she focused on the classical training, while incorporating the musical theatre style into her repertoire. 

 Jamie's aspiration is to spread the joy of performing arts, whether that be onstage, in front of the camera or in every day life. 

Artistic Statement

I perform theatre simply because of the warm feeling I get when telling a

story through music and dance. It starts at my core and works its way

out to my fingertips, allowing me to feel like I have grown wings by

the end of a performance.

Seven years ago, I never would have thought a head injury could have

changed my life for the better. It opened my heart to a new passion

but gave me the confidence to keep my head up. Within the two years

of being concussed, I was able to explore who I was and how I wanted to

live the rest of my life. This exploration process happens multiple times

in my life since I aspire to live a fulfilled life. Being able to wake up everyday with a smile on my face and a warm heart as I head out for work, no matter what the job may pay, means I will never actually work a day in my life.   


 My personal goal during performances is to stay true to the character.

I enjoy the process of pulling memories from my personal life and

creating a back story for the character, to create honest emotions

while respecting the characters choices. I also strive to give the audience

something to remember. Whether that be a relaxing evening out or a

deeper lesson found in the play that could provoke positive change.