Jamie Pasquinelli - 8.20-04067.jpg

I’m Jamie.

Loud, energetic, and great with moms! I come from a big Italian family from the South Side of Pittsburgh. Growing up with a baker for a mom means I am extremely judgmental of all baked goods (especially chocolate chips). While I am not good at baking in the kitchen, I do love to bake my muscles in the gym. Weightlifting and listening to metal music is my type of therapy. You can usually find me watching birds, making cards or thrifting (oh yeah, and acting). 


Years ago, a head injury ruined my career as a world competitive cheerleader. But it gave me the gift of performing that I will never regret. While I traded in the pom poms for poverty, I truly love the excitement of acting. 

“Alison Brie’s cousin with a splash of Mandy Moore and Amanda Tate."